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Use Polarized Glasses



Trophy Shot of an Amazing Fish! Click for Portfolio

In the Photo: Timothy Kusherets and a beautiful Steelhead!

WINTER? What are you talking about?


Fishing Undercuts garner many strikes; however,
Probe the edge of the bank with a stick to make sure you won't end up in the drink

Fish tend to hold very, very close to the undercut bank, so do two things. Probe the bank edge with a stick to ensure that its stable and cast as close to it as you can; even if you don't see fish they'll bolt out and grab your offerings fast, especially if there is not significant fishing pressure from other anglers.



Fly & Drift

Fly Fishing is Drift Fishing! All these fishing techniques involve drift-fishing methods: Flies, Buggers, Corkies, and Baits all catch fish. It's water color, depth, speed, and casting ranges that differ. Combinations of water types dictate what fishing methods to employ. Reading water allows anglers to streamline fishing efforts and that translates into more bites and less probing reaches. Reading water is incredibly easy when you know subtle nuances that make ideal holding water, and it doesn’t matter how clear or turbid the water is; it’s easy to find fish. Anglers can expect to see “fish sign” in water that has zero visibility and what it takes to get them to snap at offerings using their other senses. Fly fishermen will especially find specific surface-water locations helpful in locating pressured, stressed, species of fish. The full dynamic of reading water is carefully laid out in my book “Steelhead & Salmon Drift-Fishing Secrets”, which addresses every type of hold fish swim to, in, and around.

Drift-Fishing/Drift Fishing

Awesome techniques that work anytime of the year!

There are many subjects about drift fishing anglers are unaware of and this site will tell expose all the fishing secrets you need to know to get fish on the hook. The geographic location of where these fish are become irrelevant with these fishing techniques since they work anywhere in the world. Every conceivable drift fishing technique will be explored either on this site and in the book of Steelhead & Salmon Drift Fishing Secrets. The Tips, Articles, and Fishing Techniques will show you just how easy it is to get your catch of a lifetime. Like all fishing techniques getting your fish is largely dependant on what you're willing to put into it; however, knowing that time and effort are everything, you can expect to find secret tips to save time and effort on every single one of these techniques.

Light line with offerings that hide hooks get fish. Want to know how?

These 3 brilliant looking salmon, Coho (Silver Salmon) on left with two Chinook (King Salmon), were all landed using 6 pound test even as other fishermen used 80 to 90 pound braided fishing line. The science used to entice these fish into biting is very easy to understand. The artistry to fight these salmon can be learned within the span of a single trip to the water. The fishing techniques that it took to catch all these fish, and thousand more just like them, are new and out-fishing all other fishing techniques in fresh and marine environments!


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