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WE Get Fish!

Regardless of skill level and age, we get fish on the line.

 Our products and services put fish on the hook fast! The fishing is geared to cover Instruction with our master fishing teacher Timothy Kusherets and Team. Easily learn about the fish, what they do, why they do it, how to find them, and get'em to bite! 



 Our merchandise is all about fishing! The books, videos, and trips are geared for instruction that puts fish on your line. The teacher and mentor Timothy Kusherets is a published author and expert angler with the teaching skills for all skill levels! Are you Ready to Get  Your Fish On? Fish On! 


Fishing clinics and tutorials by Timothy Kusherets and Top Fishing Secrets!

 We get anglers fish! Fishing, and instruction is what it's all about, but more than that, learning what to do is every bit  as important. Finally, industry secrets are out in the open and that means more fish on the hook for all. Come with us and master the craft in a single trip! 



Author Timothy Kusherets is the uncontested expert angler for anadromous species.

 Writing and production skills: Craft Improvement (OWAA), Technology (OWAA), Photography (NOWA), Public Speaking (NOWA), Best Website by NOMAD, Best Website for ease of navigation by Puppet Master, Specimen (Fishing UK), Publishers Choice by ProFish-n-Sea, Webmasters Choice by Hind Sight, World-Class Website by Adventures, Great Website by Angling News, Top Angling by Land Big Fish, Worldweb Award by Art Space, All Star Top Site by Nomad 


Endorsed by many fishing industry leaders.

 Gamakatsu, Shimano, Okuma, VMC Hooks, Midwest Outdoors, Washington Fish & Game, Washington State Patrol, Tribal Nations of Washington State to include but not limited to: Hoh Nation, Puyallup Nation, Skokomish Nation, Squaxin Nation 

These auhorities recognize the skills, instruction, and fishing expertise that make up Top Fishing Secrets.


Fishing expert yes, but also an expert photographer and video producer. Above and below the surface.

Our skills, instruction, and Fishing Expert knowledge in the fields of • Oceanography • Hydrology • Meteorology • Fluvial Processes • 
• Geomorphology • Limnology • Entomology • Cartography • 
• Fish Hatchery Development /Implementation/Maintenance • 
• Aquatic Biomass (Marine/Limnological) • 
• Marine Biology (Pelagic/Benthic Species of Fish) • 
• Aquatic Species Inter-relationships • 
• Circadian and Circannual Rhythms of Pelagic Fish • 
• Vertical Migration • Aquatic Vertebrate Sensory Processing • 
• Cosmology/Astrophysics/Gravitational Influences • 

How it Comes Together

What We Do


  • We take people fishing. Those who want to know more about fishing we explain to in detail to cultivate growing skills. There are anglers who just want to fish and that’s it, we love those too. We share that which outdoorsmen the world over love…FISHING.
  • Our goal is to teach all that you want to know about fishing so you can go fishing on your own anytime and anywhere you want.

How We Do It


  • Instruction
  • Hands-on-Clinics: Held at the water and away from it. If  needed we can come and teach at your house. We understand discretion.
  • Fishing Videos for Clients of group Fishing Trips. 
  • The Author’s book, signed fo course. 
  • News Letters
  • Merchandise
  • Consultations



Skills to include: Saltwater Fishing, Freshwater fishing, Salmon, Steelhead, Trout, Bass, Walleye. Rockfish, flounder, shark, Tuna, Hydrology, Limnology, Oceanography, Marine Biology, Interrelationships of fish Species, Aquatic Species Physiology that also covers pinnipeds (Seals), Orca, Shark…etc. Formidable data to maximize the fishing expert.