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We take you fishing you get fish and you learn how to fish. We keep it fun too.  It's not just work is a fishing adventure.


Our fees are competitive...very competitive. Sharing is why we do it. Our information surpasses all other fishing businesses, and we can prove it.


We have reviews on facebook, youtube, on this site and Fish-n-Fever too. That is our other site where anglers are invited to visit. Share your trips too. 

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We take you Fishing in Washington and Oregon. Our skills and locations get you fish!

Master Fishing to an Expert Level!


Timothy Kusherets Instructor and Expert Angler!

One of the best anglers on Earth, Mr. Timothy Kusherets shows you as much or as little as you need to fish on the trip and any day after that. Imagine that! An expert angler who really wants to show you how to get fish!

He has been sharing fishing insights for well over 25 years and never tires of it. He has published all over the globe and still has one of the best selling books on the market, which is free to all group fishing trips. 

In the side photo he is showing anglers how to un-snag after getting hung up.