Saltwater Fishing

Salmon Fishing


Salmon Fishing in the salt produces many fresh fish for all species to include Chinook, Atlantics, Sockeye, Coho, Pinks, Chum, and Some Steelhead. 

Rockfish Angling


Saltwater Fishing for Rockfish is easy, fun, and one of the tastiest fish on Earth. This is surf fishing with easy access not widely known.



If you haven't been surfcasting for salmon you're in for a treat. This method of saltwater fishing is active highly productive.

Spin Casting


Spin-cast fishing is one of the most reliable ways to fish the salt. Saltwater fishing using this technique produces wild hits and fights of legend! This is a spectacular method of fishing the salt!

Acoustic Baits


Acoustic baits while saltwater fishing drives fish to the hook rather than the other way around! Spin-casting and surfcasting are awesome with this technique. 



Baits are the bread and butter of saltwater fishing. The fresher the better, and we know where to get the most fresh bait in Washington and Oregon!