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Specifics for Trips

To properly release the catch point the head of the fish in the direction of the current.

Winter Fishing in Washington and Oregon

Options include fishing instruction, tutorials, and Fishing Trips for winter steelhead fishing.

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Question: What's the best time of the year to fish?

Answer: It depends on the species but fishing is available year round in fresh and marine environments. 

Question: Will there by cell service? Calls?

Answer: In most cases there is cell service whether we fish the fresh or the salt. Your carrier service plays a huge role, but yes, there will always be a way to make calls. 

Question: How long are the trips? How much of that time is fishing?

Answer: Typically, between 5 and 6 hours. We fish the entire time.

Question: What kind of fishing is it?

Answer: We do walk-ins and that means more time actually fishing and less time putting boats in.

Question: What kind of access do we have to locations?

Answer: Most of the time, getting from the vehicle to the water is a minute or two.

Question: Will we see other anglers who are not with the trip?

Answer: It depends on the client and location, but in most cases there are few other anglers because we know the best fishing spots and those are not widely known.

Question: Do we eat? Lunch? Snacks?

Answer: That depends on the client. If you want to eat on the trip please let us know and we can accommodate your pallet, but that does increase the price as it is not a main service. 

Question: Do we need fishing licenses? 

Answer: Yes, without a doubt. All anglers must have one, but daily and weekly licenses are available for residents and non-residents. 

Question: Do we get to keep the fish even if it's native? 

Answer: In most regions of the Pacific Northwest, keeping Native fish is not allowed, but we always have a copy of the rules and regulations on hand. There are location exceptions.