Tides and Fish

Saltwater fishing with Top Fishing Secrets.

About Tides on Top Fishing Secrets

 Click the Atlas for access of worldwide tide locations and tide predictions. Although this linked-site provides many tide locations Top Fishing Secrets will not vouch for any addendums that the site makes: however, since the tide data collected by the site does get its information from the National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). Top Fishing Secrets endorses all NOAA publications with regard to tides, currents, and barometric pressure locations. 

Tide Locations on Top Fishing Secrets

 Click for Interactive Tide Locations, Predictions, Currents, and Weather Stations in and around the United States, which also includes Great Lakes information. Marine and freshwater anglers can determine precise locations with provided Longitude and Latitude coordinates. Having this information is a great safety feature should something go wrong on the fishing trip whether by bank, shoreline, or boat. 

Why Tides are Critical

 The movement of water have currents that move the entire bio mass, no matter what the form of life is so it becomes imperative to understand where the currents move species of fish. Unless the species of fish you're going after are actually "Cruisers" they will succumb to Gyres (Giant circular patterns of water movement) of oceans and seas. Knowing how these currents move fish allow anglers to head them off and get fish on. Commercial fishermen have been doing it for decades and now you can too. 


Tide Tables


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Tides Types


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Estuary Tide


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