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These are streamed and embedded fishing videos for fresh and saltwater angling. Many of them have annotation options.

Entertainment and Informative Fishing Videos – Top Fishing Secrets has been online since September 18, 2004 and producing works worldwide. The fishing videos have an organic feel but does also have some fun animation videos too. The passion for technology and fishing go hand-in-hand in our new world. 

Fishing Direction– Our goal is to share as much as we can with the world so anglers can get fish often and reliably with information that we provide, and that includes fishing videos.

Company policies – Our doom and favor is we tell the matter what. Truth can be painful, but it is largely liberating. In these fishing videos you will see much of our company policies reflected; but in these fishing videos you see truth...and it will set you free.

Executive profiles – We have a compendium of contacts with Timothy Kusherets, founder and owner, leading the way. Our contacts and relations span the gambit of the fishing industry to include recreational angling, commercial and tribal fishing. It is as important to know as much about the facets that make up our fishing world, and these fishing videos share a glimpse of that aim.

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Top Fishing Secrets...shhh

Fishing Videos

How and why to using a weighting system called Slinkies while fishing. They keep the entire drift free from snags.

Netting Technique

Fast Videos to show how to properly net while fishing, especially important for those huge fish that are destined for the wall!

The Drift-Fishing Method

Our list of some of the best fishing videos includes drift-fishing. Watch as you learn the nuances of the drift and how to land fish in thigh-high water we call Tailing.