Weather and Fishing

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  Fish are sensitive about weather. They are a cold-blooded species and respond to fluctuating barometric pressure and temperature changes.
Remember, fishing can be done anytime of the year regardless of the weather. For everything that puts fish off the bite there is something that can be done to counter those pressures to make each day productive no matter how warm or cold it gets.
When considering any fishing trip it's vital to think about weather conditions and what steps are needed to ensure personal comfort, safety, how long time will be spent during the hours of the day, which can include nighttime fishing. These weather variables are just some basic components that should not be overlooked to master the craft of angling. 

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 Weather plays an integral part in the activities of fish regardless of whether or not it's in a fresh or saltwater environment. Understanding meteorology is key to being able to predict the stratification of fish according to each species physiology. When you know what weather to watch for hooking into fish "All" the time becomes second nature. 

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